Liverpool’s 2018-19 Premier League Title: An Uncertain Possibility

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Liverpool came to the top, with 88 points trailed by running champion the Manchester City by 2 points with a game less, the League’s finish line seems to be becoming more clearer and clearer. With a clear difference of more than 20 points from the 3rd place holder. Many were very eager for the outcome of the Manchester City vs. United game, if United manages a win, Liverpool will remain on top with relatively easy opponents ahead, wins their remaining matches, which are expected and likely of the them and who knows Liverpool will end up the Premier League title.

Two things happened, Manchester United was shamed by the City again in 25th April 2019, by 2-0, a regular outcome expected from the former the giant of English football. Manchester United brand meant something in football in the very near past, their influence outreached beyond Europe and now key players are threatening to quit Manchester United if they fail to qualify UEFA. The remains of Manchester United seem to haunt them. The Premier League title seemed to depend on the City vs. United game. After the, match with Manchester United, Manchester City advanced to the top with 89 points.

Within the next few days, Liverpool came back to the top again, with 36 games and 91 points, their next opponent is Newcastle, which they are expected to win, and in the last match they won big 4-0 against the Newcastle. If Manchester City with no upset wins all their remaining games and also similar happens to the Liverpool, the League title in due course goes to the Manchester City.

To win a title, not only regular performances and some lucks are needed but some standing out, season defining performance is needed, like in their game with Manchester City, Liverpool should have done better.Now media are running their shows what to do next and what should happen, and what divine intervention required so that Liverpool might win the title, like the title of the topic ‘Liverpool on the top again (?).

Both Manchester City and Liverpool are extraordinary teams considering performance, talents and many other things. With their performance, they sway the crowds and enchant them. We hope best for them and may the best team win the title.

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