Messi’s upcoming two-year ban


Messi, present-day football’s one of the greatest and most outstanding player.No can one doubt about his ability as a player, his dribbling skills and amazing control on the ball. Messi carried a dismal Argentine team into the Copa America, with every others expectation of him of providing solutions to achieve the ultimate goal, the Copa America title. He contributed the most to carry his team to three successive finals, 2014 World Cup final, 2015 and 2016’s Copa America final. In the World Cup 2014, they lost to Germany by a single goal and in the Copa America both times to Chile by penalties after goalless draws. Messi announced his retirement following their 2016 Copa America defeat in the final, in which he missed a penalty, in the penalty shootout.

This year, in the Brazil 2019 Copa America, in their third-place playoff, a confrontation with Chilean midfielder Gary Medel resulted of ejection of both the players, following which Messi didn’t turn up for the Medal Ceremony.

In that match on the 37th minute , when the ball went for a goal-kick, the two players confronted each other, Medal being the more aggressive of the two, he on and on bumped his head into Messi. Though Messi didn’t retaliate, but both received the same punishment, red cards, by the referee Mario Diaz de Vivar. It was a bit harsh for them, especially for Messi, simple yellow cards should have been more than enough.

Later on the Saturday evening, Messi commented that the whole thing had been a set up for fixing the cup for Brazil. He also protested against the refereeing and also against the corruption taking and taken place. He also claimed that they could have done better if they weren’t treated unfairly and hoped that these referees and VAR wouldn’t be included in the final so Peru may have a better chance and get to play their game fairly. He also didn’t want to be any part of this corruption.

As per the regulation of South American football authority, CONMEBOL, by any means and manner of insulting them, their institutions or personnel result a ban of maximum two years.

If the ban is finally imposed then he will miss the next World cup qualification and Copa America at home, Argentina and Columbia.

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