Ronaldo’s Triple: Serie A, La Liga & Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo, a stylish versatile Portuguese player, plays as the captain of the national team and in the club level, currently for Juventus as a forward. In his long professional career, he plays for giants of the European football, like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus and won many titles for these most prominent football clubs of the continent. In his height, he matched evenly with these big names, being both playmaker and finisher; he dribbled, ran, shot and finished for his team. But following his tendinitis, he became more like a shadow of his former self, he lurks around the D-box snatching away the opportunities to score.

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Following their defeat in the hand of the Ajax by 1-2, though both goals in the 2 quarterfinals scored by Ronaldo, their club’s share price slided and for the last few days, it is rumored of Ronaldo leaving the club. But, despite that, he was fortunate enough to become the part of the history of being the only player ever to become the member of the teams winning the Serie A, La Liga, and Premier League titles. Ronaldo, before 2009 won 3 titles for Manchester United, being the member of the Real Madrid from 2009-2018, claiming two La Liga titles and finally joined the Old Lady of Italy, the Juventus and who in the following season won the Serie A after beating Fiorentina by 2-1. While Ronaldo’s team made history by winning eight consecutive Serie A titles, a feat unmatched not only in the Serie A, but Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 also.

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